A few developments in musical history stand apart from the others.

  • The first Compact Disc (CD) which provided clear digital replay.
  • The first MP3 players which allowed listening during activities without skipping
  • The day Bob Dylan switched to an electric guitar


Perhaps the most important change in the last decade is the shift to mobile devices as a music delivery system–Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Radio on a smart phone or tablet save the time of managing a 10 gig playlist of MP3’s.

These personal electronic devices (PED) including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, make portable music easier with a song stream that is varied and enjoyable.  But many PED speakers lack power try this site.  The sound is thin and low volume.

New Vibration Speakers overcome the size and sound problem.  They provide a full dynamic range from a very small portable size.  They turn anything they touch into a speaker.  With strong lithium ion batteries and Bluetooth wireless connections, they make Vibration Speakers easy to use with your PED.

More than a gadget, they are usable everyday in many places by numbers of music fans.