Experience unique, full bass, 360 degree sound at the office, the gym or at home.

Audio Grenade

Everything it touches explodes into sound!  It connects quickly and easily with Bluetooth to your favorite personal electronic device:  smartphone, tablet or laptop as well as iPod and iPhone.

Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery that provides long lasting audio enjoyment and a built in microphone which allows for 360° mobile conferencing; The Audio Grenade is also perfect for meetings on the go!


Moving the switch from center to BT will place the AudioGrenade in the BlueTooth Pairing mode.  The Blue LED will flash until synchronizing with your BlueTooth enabled device.  All Apple Devices including iPod/iPad/iPhone/ iMAC/Macbook will work.  All smartphones, laptops, and tablets with BlueTooth will sync with the AudioGrenade.  There is a 30 feet wireless range.  Placing the Audio Grenade on any solid surface will produce full dynamic sound. Drywall and wood will produce strong bass. Stone and glass will produce more high frequencies. Enclosed cabinets, boxes, cases will magnify the speaker volume.